Accounting services

The Enterprises have possibility to sign agreement of accounting services. According to the Clients choice, Tilders provides full or partial accountancy of Enterprise’s financial data as well as processing of documents for accountancy, preparation of tax reports and submission of reports to State Revenue Service. Tilders will perform data processing by means of accountancy software used by the Client or will offer to carry out processing by means of such accountancy software programs as “Tildes Jumis” or “Zalktis”.

Preparation of various reports

Tilders offers following services:
Preparation of -

  1. Annual report,
  2. Resident income tax annual report,
  3. Central Statistics board report

These services are convenient for those Clients that have no accountancy, but who, according to the legislation, need to prepare mentioned reports.


Tilders carries out evaluation of conformity of the Clients’ accountancy system to the legislative acts and international standards, work out recommendations in order to optimize and improve accountancy system.

Tax consultations

Tilders specialists explains to the Client nature of taxes and their implementation in practice, as well as helps finding the most suitable solution for optimal tax payments.

Consultations regarding accountancy issues

Accounting of difficult transactions and interpretation of various accounting factors. Solutions of problems connected with accommodation of Latvian accountancy standards. For new entrepreneurs is offered to work out accountancy procedure.